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draven senpai
draven senpai
11:39 05 Sep 18
Best cookies i ever had!!!!!
A Google User
A Google User
13:59 04 Sep 18
super bedrijf verdient de vole 5 sterren
A Google User
A Google User
09:05 14 May 18
Service met een glimlach. Altijd verse stroopwafels van perfecte kwaliteit. Een heel uitgebreid aanbod van diverse en unieke stroopwafels. Zeker een aanrader!
A Google User
A Google User
08:10 16 Oct 16
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Who are we

home-prijs Amsterdam! Good Cookies

Who are you Amsterdam! Good Cookies??

Amsterdam! Good Cookies

It all started as a BIG DREAM in Costa Rica. And that Dream is becoming closer and closer.

What our dream is??
Becoming the most famous Stroopwafel Brand in the world! We want you and everyone in the world to enjoy this typical, delicious and famous Dutch Cookie called the Stroopwafel.

Our Team Amsterdam! Good Cookies consists of enthusiastic, young bakers who want to do everything to pursue our motto. Namely, to make people SMILE! And to let them enjoy a delicious stroopwafel of course. Because the stroopwafel that we sell is more than just the cookie, it is an experience!

we are available at any time for questions, comments, good ideas or inspiring coffee moments.
Feel free to contact at info@amsterdamgoodcookies.com


How Do you make Stroopwafels?

  • The dough must be made from different ingredients
  • Small balls are made of this dough
  • The balls will be pressed by 2 irons of approximately 185 to 220 degrees Celcius.
  • After a little minute they come out and will be cut.
  • The top is separated from the bottom so that syrup can come in between the 2 wafers.
  • Finally, the cooling process begins before it is packaged.
I want to learn how to bake

Stroopwafel campaigns

Want to organize a Stroopwafel Crowdfunding?
The best and most delicious way to collect some money.


Want to collect money for charities? Or fund your local sports club or church?

Our Amsterdam! Good Cookies will open all doors and you would be surprised how everyone will end up with a smile!
Stroopwafels are not tied to a specific season. They can always be eaten and they always make People Happy!!

All agencies are welcome to organize fundraising actions.

We as Amsterdam! Good Cookies like to support the stroopwafel campaigns by offering the syrup waffles for a low purchase price.
A Big part of the proceeds can therefore be reserved directly for the charity or to give your church, local sports club cash!

Curious about what you can earn, you can request our offer here:

Stroopwafel FoodTruck Huren-catering-stroopwafels


Would you like to experience how our freshly baked syrup waffles smell and taste?

Besides that Amsterdam! Good Cookies can be found regularly at
Foodtruck Events:

Company Parties – Events/ Trade fairs
Open houses – Baby showers
Anniversaries – Workshops

Our 40-year-old Fire Department FoodTruck is popular with young and old just like our Stroopwafels. It’s also possible to adapt the above festivities to your wishes and needs.

If you are interested, you can request more information here 

Request information