Why Stroopwafels?

We often get this question via email, social media platforms or at lectures.

The question of why stroopwafels, for us, is Amsterdam! Good Cookies explained very well. The answer is given in our slogan namely, “We Make People Smile.”

Making people smile, making someone feel good, just a moment of in mind to that fun moment. You probably recognize it…… Maybe crumbs at the market, the smell of warm caramel. The smile it causes on your face. The stoppage of time that makes you think back to those good old days. Or the feeling of ooohhh wonderful coming home in and stepping into a warm bath.

That feeling you have and a lot of people have, at a bite of a fresh warm stroopwafel, yes we want to give that feeling to everyone in this world.

We want everyone in this whole world to be allowed to EXPERIENCE that. And so that experience puts a GIGANTICALLY big smile on someone’s face.

Transmitting that feeling to someone, taking them on a stroopwafel journey and letting them experience what TYPIC NEERLANDS TROTS tastes like.

We believe and feel that this feeling should be conveyed to all the world!

We believe that this feeling of the typical Dutch cookie should be able to be given anywhere in the world.

Because we believe our syrup waffles put a smile on almost everyone’s face. And how cool is that! Making you feel good!

And in doing so, we also VERY CERTAINLY believe that this should be under a BRAND NAME like the one we have.


Why we believe this? Because we think and believe that Amsterdam is our

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