Baking/Baking your own Stroopwafels

Baking or making your own syrup waffles, who wouldn’t want to? Who can resist a delicious stroopwafel? At Amsterdam! Good Cookies we understand all too well that sometimes that is an impossible task. That’s why our webshop can be reached 24/7 to place an order for that Dutch Gold. Quick and easy! But what if […]

The history of the syrup waffle

The stroopwafel, who can resist that tasty cookie? With that light brown crispy outside, golden and syrupy inside and that delicious smell, the treacle waffle is a real treat that almost everyone around the world loves! According to the website, the stroopwafel is more popular than ever, and Dutch people eat an average of […]

small cookie BIG IMPACT

Great plans for Amsterdam! Good Cookies The stroopwafel, the little cookie with a BIG IMPACT. That the founder of Amsterdam! Good Cookies loves his stroopwafels should not come as a complete surprise. “But I try not to eat my own cookies every day,” says the good-humored entrepreneur, “although sometimes I have a hard time resisting […]

Why Stroopwafels?

We often get this question via email, social media platforms or at lectures. The question of why stroopwafels, for us, is Amsterdam! Good Cookies explained very well. The answer is given in our slogan namely, “We Make People Smile.” Making people smile, making someone feel good, just a moment of in mind to that fun […]

Thanks! And a new beginning…

Thanks! And a new beginning indeed. Tomorrow is 2017 and for many, that is a new beginning. A beginning to something beautiful. For us as Amsterdam! Good Cookies is also going to be another very GAAF year. To get started on something wonderful in 2017, we must also take a look back at the amazingly […]

Amsterdam! Good Cookies Stroopwafels Mini Vlog

Herewith the much promised compilation of Also check out our Youtube channel where you can continue to see and watch these Vlogs. For example, also our Albert Heijn Product Pitch. Have fun watching! Oh and always nice to leave a comment. Amsterdam! Good Cookies Stroopwafels Mini Vlog is a production of Amsterdam! Good Cookies Stroopwafels.

Buying Stroopwafels….

Buying and eating syrup waffles is indeed very popular these days. This is what Companies and Consumers also see so we have to deal with beautiful purchases of syrup waffles every day. Even when it’s the vacations, delicious Amsterdam! Good Cookies Stroopwafels bought and eaten all over the Whole World. As Amsterdam! Good Cookies we […]


Stroopwafel Blog-Vlog? You may be thinking, yes uhhh which is it of the 2? Well we will explain that. We recently started Blogging. So you don’t have to miss a thing about Amsterdam! Good Cookies Stroopwafels and the fun adventures we have. But we also thought it would be fun to put this Blog into […]