Thanks! And a new beginning…

Thanks! And a new beginning indeed. Tomorrow is 2017 and for many, that is a new beginning. A beginning to something beautiful. For us as Amsterdam! Good Cookies is also going to be another very GAAF year.

To get started on something wonderful in 2017, we must also take a look back at the amazingly wonderful year 2016. The last month ( December) was again very energizing, busy, cool and hectic J.

The start of 2016 was already very cool for us! We were allowed to start delivering to the SECOND Chamber. This, of course, was a super start of have I got you there. Super content with it, still so young in terms of company and then getting such a nice order. That promised much for 2016.

And so it became! Super cool things got to do! Nice orders to

  • Taiwan,
  • China,
  • US,
  • Poland,
  • Spain
  • and Greece, for example.

We also got to fly one to Vietnam early this year to sit down with some nice supermarket chains and present our product to them! This in cooperation with Kraats Cheese. After this wonderful mission, we took a private office with a large shed and said goodbye to the home garage. A great step!

Another step is that we had to say goodbye to people, which was hard for me personally I must confess. People who have been there from the start and with heart and soul have also grown this beautiful company.

Yes this too is part of entrepreneurship of course, you have beautiful things and sometimes more difficult things.

But the focus is mostly on the beautiful things that we get SUPER FEW ENERGY from.

Like it:

  • Children’s Cooking Festival,
  • FoodTruck Festivals,
  • music festivals,
  • Syrupwaffle Bake Fest,
  • customized cans,
  • children’s parties,
  • workshops,
  • store openings etc etc etc.

Last year, goals came true for us and we want to carry this forward into 2017.

It’s pretty hard to really name everything, all the fun things we did. But the rollercoaster will keep riding! And even more fun things will happen in 2017! We guarantee you that!

Therefore, on a personal note, I would like to thank everyone for the great collaborations, the cool jobs, the trust and of course THANK YOU for all the effort!

We look forward to seeing you again in 2017 and don’t forget to keep smiling, because WE MAKE PEOPLE SMILE!

Kevin Mooibroek, founder Amsterdam! Good Cookies.

Thanks! And a new beginning…. is a production of Amsterdam! Good Cookies Stroopwafels

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